About Me


TypeArt Foundry is the birthplace and home of all TypeArt® fonts. While the company can be referred to as simply TypeArt®, the inclusion of the descriptive word "Foundry" harkens back to a pre-digital era when typefaces were actually cast in metal. When Gutenberg created the movable-type printing press around 1450, each of the individual letters of a typeface were cast in metal so that they could be assembled into words and sentences in a matrix before they were inked and their impressions printed onto paper. The metal letters were made in a foundry where molten metal was poured into molds of the letterforms, and those places where the letters of these typefaces were produced were called type foundries. In the digital era of typography, a metal foundry is obviously no longer involved in the creation process, but it felt right to carry on the tradition of using the term, and so it ended up being included in the TypeArt® company name.

For years, the company was entirely product-based, but more recently TypeArt® services have been added to this website. Custom font creation or the editing of existing fonts is one of the new offerings, along with a wide range of visual design services, magazine layout assembly, photo scanning and image editing services.

The TypeArt® logo is a playful cross between a traditional font suitcase icon as it looked on early Mac computers, and the familiar optical illusion of a see-though cube. Which way is the suitcase facing? Wait a minute… that's impossible!