You are reading Typologia, by Frederick W. Goudy


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Introductory Pages
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I : By Way of Explanation
II : Books Before Printing
III : The First Types
IV : The Force of Tradition
V : What Type Is
VI : The Story of a Type
VII : The Design of Types
VIII : The Designer's Problem
IX : Details of Construction
X : Making the Patterns
XI : Matrix Engraving
XII : Legibility of Type
XIII : Fine Printing

Ordering this book

This electronic version of Goudy's Typologia is reproduced by permission of the University of California Press.

While this online, interactive version is a useful reference work for typographers and typesetters, it does not compare with reading the actual book, which is available in paperback (ISBN 0520-03278-0), and printed in Goudy's own "University of California Old Style" fount, set with unique ligatures, and laid out by Goudy himself. Get more "Typologia" Order Information.

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